Common Heart Attack Symptoms

Common Heart Attack Symptoms

Approximately 35% of heart attacks in women go unnoticed
or unreported, partly because women’s symptoms can be more subtle than men’s. This list offers common female heart attack symptoms. 1

Take these symptoms seriously and don’t delay if you experience them! Contact your physician, dial 911 or proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room if your symptoms warrant it.

Angina — This type of chest pain can fluctuate from mild to crippling. Its symptoms include back pain, or deep aching and throbbing in the left or right bicep/forearm. Please click on this link to the Angina Center of Evansville to learn more about angina and Ohio Valley HeartCare’s breakthrough new treatment for some angina patients.

Breathlessness — Waking up having difficulty catching your breath.

Clammy Perspiration — A cold sweat unrelated to the temperature.

Dizziness — Unexplained lightheadedness, even blackouts.

Edema — Swelling, typically in the ankles and/or lower legs.

Fluttering or rapid heartbeats.

Gastric Problems — Upset stomach or nausea.

Heavy Fullness — This can feel as though there is pressure-like chest pain between the breasts that radiates to the left arm or shoulder.

Common Heart Attack Symptoms, what is the Common Heart Attack Symptoms,

It Helps To Know

The more women know about cardiovascular diseases and their risks for developing them, the more powerful they become in taking control of their health and possibly preventing,

the onset of heart disease. Staying knowledgeable can help you not only remain healthy and avoid potential cardiovascular conditions but help you stay alive.

  • Cardiovascular disease is by far the country’s leading cause of death among women. 1
  • Each year, 12 times as many women die from cardiovascular diseases than breast cancer, and nearly two times as many die from cardiovascular diseases than all forms of cancer combined. 1
  • Twenty percent of U.S. women suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease. 1
  • Cardiovascular disease claims more than 500,000 female lives annually. One out of every two women will die of some cardiovascular event. 1
  • Cigarette smoking estimates show that 23.4 million U.S. women are smokers, putting them at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. 1
  • Heart attack, though usually occurring later in life, is twice as deadly in women as in men. 2
  • Stroke is the third leading cause of death among mostly American women. 2
  • Diabetic women have a five-fold risk of developing coronary artery disease than the general population and carry twice the risk of diabetic men. 3
  • Postmenopausal estrogen replacement decreases coronary artery disease risk by 56%. 3
  • Women taking the daily equivalent of 80 mg. of aspirin had a 32% reduction in heart attack risk.3

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