what are the symptoms of depression – what helps with depression

what are the symptoms of depression – what helps with depression – Depression is an emotional illness that causes long-lasting depression. Have you ever been unable to sleep, lost your appetite, or lost motivation due to work stress or relationship stress? Here, we introduce the symptoms of depression, countermeasures, and medicines.

what are the symptoms of depression

The following symptoms are seen when depression occurs.

Depressed mood
I don’t feel good no matter what I do. I can’t enjoy it.

I feel anxious with just a small trigger. I sometimes have vague anxiety.

Easy to get frustrated
If you don’t care for yourself, you’ll quickly get frustrated.

can not sleep
I have a bad sleep. when I wake up many times while I sleep. I get up early in the morning.

Not motivated
Become lethargic. I can’t feel positive about my work or private life.

Lose concentration
I can’t concentrate on things. Even if I work on something, I immediately become disgusted and do not continue.

I don’t have an appetite
Will not accept food. It doesn’t feel delicious and the amount of food is reduced,

Lose confidence
I just can’t evaluate myself. I feel inferior to others.

There is no hope for the future
What will happen to me as it is? Is it really okay to stay as it is? I’m always worried about the future.

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Is it depression? If you think

Countermeasures for depression, First of all, reduce the amount of work and get enough sleep. Make sure you have enough sleep
Finally, talk to your family, friends, colleagues, etc.
If you still feel depressed, see a psychosomatic medicine department.

what helps with depression

Your doctor will first listen to you, make a diagnosis, and prescribe medication if necessary. Choose a doctor who will explain in detail what medicines to prescribe, what side effects are likely to occur, and what to look out for.

A type with a strong sense of justice and ethics

Kitajima, strong sense of responsibility, and high ideals. You have to do this. The type who strongly thinks that this should be done.

People with high ideals are divided into self-responsibility type (mainly blaming themselves, lacking self-confidence, and low evaluation of themselves) and other-responsibility type (mainly blaming others, valuing others low). Remorse-type people are especially prone to depression.

Highly cooperative, over-adapted type

It’s good in the sense that it’s highly cooperative, but I can’t assert myself, and I can’t refuse requests from others.
I’m really worried about the evaluation of others. It’s very adaptable when the people around you care about it, but if there are people who aren’t careful and impose unreasonable challenges, they can’t refuse to over-adapt, and they’ll hold it on their own and handle it. I can’t cut it.

It is said that people who have one or both of the above two types of personality are more likely to become depressed.

panic disoder

Suddenly my heart is pounding.
I’m suffocating.
I have a feeling of numbness in my hands and feet.
I have a strong sense of anxiety.
Have you ever suffered from such symptoms?

I went to the internal medicine department because of my palpitations, but isn’t it said that there is no problem?

The following symptoms are seen when panic disorder occurs.


  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Awakening halfway to wake up while sleeping
  • Wake up early in the morning Awakening early in the morning
  • A deep sleep disorder that does not allow you to sleep soundly

If you have insomnia, you may want to drink something warm (without caffeine) or cook aromas before you go to sleep. If it still does not improve, please consult your doctor as soon as possible.

What is Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)?

I think everyone has experienced the tension of speaking in front of a large number of people.
However, a condition in which anxiety grows and becomes a major obstacle to daily life is called “social anxiety disorder.”

There are various situations in which people with social anxiety disorder feel anxiety, but it seems that there are three main conditions.

  • Speak in front of a large number of people.
  • Eat-in public.
  • Write in front of people.

Under these circumstances, people with social anxiety disorder have the following symptoms:

(1) My face turns red. The face is stiff.
(2) Sweat.
(3) I feel dizzy
(4) My hands and feet shake.
(5) My heart is throbbing (palpitations).
(6) The voice sways. I have no voice.
(7) I can’t eat.
(8) I feel stuffy.
(9) Urine gets closer.
(10) I feel sick in my stomach. I feel nauseous.

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