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In most countries, oral health services continuously absorb 5 to 10 % of the national health budget. Even in our country, 1 out of 30 persons requires oral health treatment more than 2 times in their life. Most of the oral diseases start from teeth. So, what are healthy teeth?

Healthy teeth are those when every tooth in the jaw is neat, clean, strong, and is supported by healthy bones, healthy gums as well as free from cavities.  

Preventing our mouth from bacteria, viruses, and fungi is not a difficult task. It requires only some daily routine basis attention.

By the following caution, we can avoid many oral diseases like dental caries, periodontal disease, bad breath, and oral cancer.

Oral Health Tips

  • Brush your teeth regularly with a soft toothbrush. In absence of toothbrushes especially in rural areas, people can use datun.
  • When you clean your mouth, use the tip of the tongue taken around the teeth, it will give you a clean and fresh feeling after the brushing/cleaning.
  • Plaque is an agent for dental disease, remove it by brushing the teeth and cleaning the tongue.
  • Do not eat sweet items too often. You should not drink or eat sweets more than three times a day (Two times after the meal and once maybe in between). After meal clean and rinse your mouth thoroughly.
  • It is better to use paste in preference to powder with the toothbrush.
  • Massage gums and teeth with your finger.
  • Get your teeth checked periodically for early detection and treatment of dental disorders.
  • Fluoridation of public water supplies in concentrations between 0.7 to 1.2 P.M. fluoride reduces dental caries by 50-65 percent.
  • Tobacco is the main reason for oral cancer. Do not use tobacco in any form. It contains cancer-causing chemicals and is addictive forming. So no one should status to use of tobacco in any form.
  • Take green leafy vegetables daily in your meal diet.
  • Take citrus fruits before your meal diet. It will improve oral health.

Some more precautions

  • Not to use teeth for opening Soda Water Bottles/breaking nuts, etc.
  • Dental diseases are painless initially. Do not wait for the pain to come.
  • Periodontal diseases are bleeding from the gums, emission pus, bad smell from the mouth, teeth drifting, and wobbly teeth.
  • This is also known as pyorrhea. Do not wait for them to come and overtake you. You may lose your teeth too early.
  • Any patch inside the mouth is a danger signal, it may be due to continuously chewing gum, etc.
  • A regular dental check-up is very important. In case of any problem, dental check-ups and guidance should be required immediately.

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