DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF FATTY LIVER- Fatty liver is a additionally called viscus steatosis. this gonna happens once fat builds up within the liver. then start Having little amounts of fat in the liver is normal,

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF FATTY LIVER – Basic information of the disease

The state throughout that macromolecule is accumulated in hepatocytes quite necessary is termed.
It is often said that the French cuisine “foie gras” is taken as an example.

The liver is “fore” and the fat is “gra”.

Foie gras means a thick, fat, and enlarged liver.
A person with the disease is given an in-depth examination of the liver and discovered below a microscope.

Then, fat droplets are accumulated in extra than 30% of the hepatocytes of the inner organ lobule.
(* Liver lobe = a locality where a tiny low leaf-like structure is formed by the arrangement of hepatocytes)

Many people may have been pointed out to have fatty liver by “abdominal echography” or “blood test” when they had a human dock test.

The causes of the disease are as follows.


・ blubber because of overnutrition
・ Excessive drinking habits
・ inherited disorder and endocrine diseases
・ doping up admire antibiotics like corticosteroids and bactericide
When healthy,

the fat among the liver is unbroken constant.
Fat that has exaggerated to a fault because of some restrictive issue accumulates in hepatocytes.
As a result, the organelles among the cell are compressed.

The performance of the liver deteriorates and causes varied disorders among the body.

How do I diagnose and treat fatty liver?

How do I diagnose and treat fatty liver? ――Let’s take a concrete look.

First is [Diagnosis of the fatty liver] .

Blood chemical science check (liver perform the test) Serum enzyme levels increase in fatty liver.

In most cases, it’s 100 units or less. Unlike chronic hepatitis, the value doesn’t fluctuate much.

In the case of disease because of overnutrition, GPT is often dominant.

In the case of alcoholic fatty liver, GOT predominates.

There are findings that the values ​​of catalyst (ChE), γGTP, ALP, and then forth additionally increase.
In general, the increase isn’t thus large, but among the case of, the value of γGTP may exceed 300 units.

Abdominal ultrasound

If you suspect disease terribly} very liver perform the check, an in-depth liver check is that the foremost reliable diagnostic procedure as a secondary test.
However, there are some check risks and hospitalization is required.
Recently, the number of cases of definitive diagnosis by “CT examination” and “ultrasound examination” is increasing.

There are four characteristic findings diagnosed by ultrasonography.
The first could be a rise in intrahepatic echo brightness.

When the fat is solid among the liver, the within of the liver shines brilliantly.
High brightness might be a characteristic finding.

The second is an exaggerated distinction between the liver and kidneys. The liver appears to shine with fat droplets.

The kidneys are photographed black as a result of they’re doing not accumulate verdant fat.
There are characteristic findings that show such durable contrast.

The third is that the attenuation of deep liver echo.

It is reflected by many fat lots among the liver.

It prevents the wavelength of the breathed waves from reaching the deep section of the liver.
Therefore, there’s a finding that the deep echo is attenuated and additionally the image of the deep section of the liver becomes unclear.

The fourth is that the disappearance of the periodical liver image.

It is identified as a result of the event introduced among the third.

Images of the inner organ veins and blood vessels are obscured,

Next, unwell justify [Treatment of fatty liver] .

If the cause is clear, the principle is to eliminate the cause,

The first is .

Reduce your daily calorie intake.

You can improve by losing weight and dieting.

Improve your eating habits by “refraining from alcohol” and “stopping snacks”.

It is to boot effectively to continue travail admire jogging, stretching, and walking for concerning twenty minutes a day.

The second is.

It is AN absolute demand to stop drinking.

In the case of inherited disorder with fatty liver, the first issue to do is to seek out out a basic diet of 1600 calories and twenty units per day.

Depending on the progress of diabetes, “insulin injection” and “oral diabetes drug” will also be required.


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