dry brushing – 7 HOME REMEDIES FOR DRY SKIN- AND dry patches on skin, cerave moisturising cream, best moisturizer for dry skin, dry hands, dry eyelids, Most of the individuals suffer from dry skin disease throughout dry seasons, particularly during winter term. It primarily happens because of lack of wetness in our body skin.

Causes of dry brushing skin are:

we have a tendency toather|weather|weather condition|atmospheric condition}
Hot shower during winter
nutritionary deficiencies
Use of harsh soap
Ultraviolet rays
Genetic predisposition

dry brushing: tips

There are variety of moisturizers or lotions are offered in market to urge obviate dry skin. however most of them go along with vast worth tag. Here we are supplying you with a number of the natural home remedies for your dry skin which canble to} not solely be cheaper than market product however are simply offered at your home and can offer your skin a healthy wetness state back.


1- honey edges
Honey is a smart supply of antioxidants that helps to weigh down the cell harm and protects our skin by dominant the free radicals production. The properties of honey build it one in all the simplest remedy for treating dry and flaking skin. combine 2 teaspoon of honey and few drops of oil and apply this mixture everywhere the body before taking bath. Leave it for regarding ten minutes and so wash out with water.

Drink water:


Drink a lot of and more water. water can facilitate to stay your body hydrous and that successively will alleviate your rough and dry skin to a good extent. you must drink a minimum of eight glass of water daily however if doable you should try and drink water more than eight glasses.

copra oil:

copra oil
Coconut oil contains smart amount of carboxylic acid that helps to humidify your dry and flaking skin. very little heat the coconut oil and apply it everywhere the body before you move to sleep and so wash out it within the morning. you’ll conjointly apply coconut oil when taking tub on your dry skin. Do any of those 2 remedies daily to avoid dry skin problem.

succulent Vera:

Aloe vera could be a all right best-known natural remedy for numerous skin problems. Its leaves act as {an effective|an efficient|a smart} moisturizer for our skin. you’ll take a Aloe vera leaf and procure its gel by cutting the leaf. Scoop the gel out of leaf and apply it on your skin to urge the result.

Milk cream:

edges of milk
Milk contains good quantity of carboxylic acid in it that supports our skin health. The milk cream acts as an incredible moisturizer for our skin and conjointly assists in maintaining the pH level of skin. combine two teaspoon of milk cream, one teaspoon of milk and few drops of juice in an exceedingly bowl. currently apply this mixture on your dry skin areas and leave it for a moment before taking bath. try this remedy everyday to stay your skin sleek and moisturize.


Avocado could be a all right best-known skin moisturizer and also smart for your heart. you’ll build its paste by mashing its flesh. currently apply this paste on your dry skin or face. Leave it for regarding quarter-hour and then take away this avocado mask with heat water and so splash cold water on your face.


oil could be a marvellous supply of vitamin E that makes it one in all the simplest lubricating substance and moisturizer for dry skin. Almond oil supports our overall skin health and is definitely absorbed by our skin. half-hour before taking bath, gently massage your body with very little warm pure almond oil. Then when taking tub apply some lightweight moisturizer. try this often to possess sleek skin.


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