lower cholesterol naturally (cholesterol medication)

lower cholesterol naturally (cholesterol medication) Cholesterol will gonna produced in your liver and believe. it has many and very important functions. For example, it helps keep the walls of your cells versatile and is required to form many hormones.
However, like something within the body, an excessive amount of cholesterin or cholesterol in the wrong places creates problems.

lower cholesterol naturally

How to navigate the supermarket maze… for cholesterol lowering

Okay, you’ve arrived at the supermarket with your best intentions for a healthy week ahead. You know that what you eat affects your cholesterol levels, so these are important decisions. You walk through the turnstiles and land straight into a land of colors, signs, smells, people, annoying music and the strategically placed ads over the intercom. Your cart or basket is empty and you wonder ‘okay, what do I want to eat this week? What should I get first? What will help my cholesterol?’

If you’re super organised you may have worked out your meal plan for the week already. But if you’re like most people, you haven’t. This is why you go to get the same things you get every week. It’s easy, requires little thinking. Your brain can operate at a lower capacity, making room for worrying about what happened at work, or what’s still on your to-do list. But this semi-numb state is a dangerous one. The ads can more easily get under your skin, desires can more easily make their way into your basket. So snap back into the present, and think…”what will really serve me this week?”

Here are the stops I make on my supermarket journey. its a way to make lower cholesterol naturally

A few changes can reduce cholesterol to get batter health

  1. Reduce saturated fats. Saturated fats,
  2. Eliminate trans fats.
  3. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. Increase soluble fiber.
  5. Add whey protein.

lower cholesterol naturally: follow 6 step

Stop 1 – fruit and vege

Go here first and be generous. Lots of fruit and vegetables is an important part of cholesterol management. If you have a basket fill at least one half with fruit and vege. If you’re doing a bigger shop calculate 2 serves fruit per day and 5 cups of veges per day (roughly 1 capsicum is a cup, or 2 tomatoes). Have something from all the colour groups – red, green, orange, purple, white, and then add a few more greens and berries. Next grab some garlic, ginger and fresh turmeric if it’s in season. And finally choose a few fresh herbs if you don’t have a herb garden at home (which I recommend).

Stop 2 – protein

You want at least one dinner with fish (ideally two), only one with red meat (organic, grass fed ideally), two with free range chicken, one legume, one tofu/tempeh, and one egg-based. If you’re vegetarian or vegan then of course this will be a bit different. Get some sprouts and nuts and seeds. If you can have dairy get some full cream organic Greek yogurt or natural yogurt and some organic butter (no margarine). Otherwise, get some almond milk and coconut milk and coconut yoghurt if you can find it. Grab some smoked salmon, it might come in handy.

Stop 3 – grains

You may or may not want to include any grains, but if you do then you may want some brown rice, quinoa, rice noodles, or barley. If you like bread then get some organic sourdough, preferably spelt.

Stop 4 – snacks

You’ve already got some nuts and seeds which you can snack on. You want to have about a handful per day. Also grab some pine nuts for making pesto. I get some ChickNuts (roasted chickpeas) and some hummus to have with carrots or celery. Some nut butter (such as ABC – almond, brazil and cashew) can be handy too if you don’t have a blender to make your own at home.

Stop 5 – the health food aisle

Here get some tahini and tamari. Pick up some buckwheat flour for Sunday pancakes, and rapaduda/panela sugar for healthy treat making. Grab some organic maple syrup and cacao (either powder or nibs). If you want coconut water for smoothies it’s likely to be here too. If they have a good coconut oil get some of that as well.

Stop 6 – last stop, the aisles, beware!

This is the danger zone. The rest of the stops are usually located on the outskirts of the supermarket. But now you’re delving in. Be strategic – what do you want?
I get some high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (from my local country), one of the cholesterol superfoods. If I need Balsamic vinegar I get that too. I find the legume aisle and grab some lentils and chickpeas. Then I get essentials like toilet paper, sponges, or light bulbs and I make a dash for the checkout.

You may not need all of these things each supermarket trip of course, and it may vary depending on what you’d like to cook, but it’s a good routine for coming out of the supermarket with your cholesterol management in mind.

What’s your strategy for a supermarket trip? Is it different to mine?

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