Pregnancy Week by Week: The Last Twenty Weeks

Pregnancy Week by Week: The Last Twenty Weeks – Each week of a woman’s 40 week pregnancy is marked by a number of significant changes. The following is a list of a few pregnancy week by week highlights that take place during the last 20 weeks of pregnancy:

Pregnancy Week by Week: The Last Twenty Weeks

Week 21: There is much more fetus movement. The expectant mother may have some swelling in her feet, legs, and hands.

Week 22: The mother may have cravings for a certain food. The fetus head and body begin to become more proportioned.

Week 23: The fetus sexual organs are developed.

There may be early uterine contractions.

Week 24: The fetus can hear voices and weighs more than a pound.

The heartbeat is more easily heard.

Week 25: The mother may have headaches and leg pain. The fetus brain is developing. Breathing is regular and bones are starting to harden.

Week 26: The mother is experiencing lower back pain. The fetus brain and lungs are developing. It weighs close to 2 pounds.

Week 27: In the week by week pregnancy chronology, this is the beginning of the third trimester. The fetus eyes are open and blinking.

Week 28: The fetus weighs about 2 pounds.

Week 29: The fetus eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair have developed.

30 Weeks

Now Week 30: The fetus is taking up most of the uterine space.

Week 31: The can feel sensations such as touch and pain.

Week 32: The fetus has fetus has turned itself head down and weighs about 3.5 pounds.

Now Week 33: An expectant mother may experience heartburn. The fetus lungs are nearly developed and it is breathing regularly.

Week 34: The mother weight increase begins to reduce. The fetus can weigh up to 4.5 pounds

Week 35: The mother is very emotional. The fetus weighs about 5 pounds.

Week 36: The fetus central nervous system is almost complete as are the toenails.

And Week 37: The Lanugo (hair coating) starts to go away.

Week 38: A mother may be anxious and depressed. The fetus starts to move to the lower abdomen. Body fat has developed and the fetus weighs about 6.5 pounds.

Week 39: The mother’s lower back pain is quite prevalent. The fetus is considered a full term baby.

Week 40: The woman will start feeling contractions. The fetus is positioned to leave the womb.

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