BENEFITS OF CLOVES Clove – is a very well-known species, also called ‘Laung’ in Hindi. It has a unique aroma and flavor and apart from this, it has numerous health benefits for our body. It is used in cooking and many other purposes such as baking, as a remedy to several health issues, etc.

Some properties of clove which make it a healthy and useful spice are antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic, and antiviral properties. It also contains many nutrients and minerals like iron, calcium, iodine, and phosphorous.

9 health benefits of cloves are:

here are those benefits of cloves, which can help you to reduce the problems,

1) Improve digestion:

Cloves stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes, thereby boosts digestion. Also the crucial oil in it reduces inflammation, destroys bacteria present inside the stomach and relaxes the smooth lining of gastrointestinal tract.

2) Toothache:

Cloves is used as an ingredient in most of the toothpastes as it gives an effective natural cure to toothache. The antiseptic property aid to fight the infection in affected area and avert it from spreading and anti-inflammatory components of cloves aid to lessen the swelling in the region of infected teeth. Take a cotton ball and dip it in clove oil. Apply it on the painful teeth or gums to get relief.

3) Relive joint pain:

Clove oil has anti-inflammatory and painkiller properties which help to reduce swelling and lessen joint pain. It also improves the potency of your joints and bones.

4) Lower the cholesterol level:

Clove is found to be effective in dropping one’s cholesterol level and if you add about 10gm of clove powder in your daily food, can defend you from ill effects of high cholesterol level. You can add 1 tsp of clove powder in your meal or can mix it with warm water and drink every morning on empty stomach to get the result.

5) Cure vomiting and nausea:

Due to clove’s medicinal properties, doctors advise carrying cloves during long travel because it is best to get rid of vomiting. It not only calms down indigestion but also makes the mood happy with its unique aroma and flavor.

6) Prevent bad breath:

The antiseptic property of clove aid to kill bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath. The unique aroma and flavor of clove also assist to fight foul bad breath.

7) Cure acne:

Clove oil is found to be very effective to remove acne due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. When it is applied over the affected areas of skin gives a tingling sensation and eliminates the chance of spreading acne to the unaffected area by killing the bacteria. It also removes inflammation caused due to pimples.

8) Beats sore throat:

Clove has anti-bacterial property which helps to cure sore throat and beat the pain coupled with it. Clove also assists to calm the itchy sensation you have during sore throat.

9) Stress:

The body’s muscles become tense due to stress and the clove has a component called eugenol which is famous as a muscle relaxant. Clove has a unique aroma and flavor which aids you to feel relax and reduce stress.

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